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Roanoke Model Equine Artificial Vagina
Roanoke AV

The Roanoke model equine AV was developed by Jim Crump in 1978 for collecting light horse breeds. It has since proven successful on a wide range of stallions from ponies to Shires. The Roanoke Model AV is lightweight, weighing only 5½ lbs when filled, easily held by one hand, very easy to assemble, and uses inexpensive replacement liners. It is particularly useful for collecting stallions which are standing on the ground on all four feet either because they have a condition which prevents mounting, or when a jump mare or phantom is unavailable. A unique feature of this AV is the 1/3 psi pop-off valve which maintains the correct pressure inside the AV. Also, the short length of this AV reduces the chance for heat shock of the spermatozoa because they are in contact with the hot liner for a shorter period of time. This AV utilizes a different principle than the Colorado or Missouri AV for semen collection in that the stallion's penis will "lock" inside it after he "flowers" or "bells" as opposed to the thrusting back and forth in the other models. The stimulus which elicits ejaculation is enhanced by the operator's hand on the base of the stallion's penis. Flat polyethylene tubing is recommended for disposable liners on this AV (see description below). When disposable liners are used, the interior rubber liner need not be removed from the AV after collecting, which greatly reduces cleanup time.

The Roanoke Model Equine AV is supplied with the following components:
  • (1) polyethylene casing with 1/3 psi pop-off valve
  • (2) 4" diameter x 20" long rubber liners
  • (6) rubber bands
  • (1) box of 6" x 10" polyethylene collection bags, 100/box
  • Instructions
Roanoke AV Pricing
      Complete AV, as described above: $350.00
      Replacement rubber liners, each: 20.00
      Collection Bags 6"x10", 100/pkg: 10.00

  • Overall length: 15 "
  • Widest diameter: 6½"
  • Diameter at entry end: 4½"
  • Weight empty: 1½ lbs
  • Weight filled: 5½ lbs
  • Fill volume (approx): 1900 ml
Additional recommended equipment (not supplied):

AV Instructions

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