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Chilled Semen Shipments

Roanoke A.I. stands stallions at the lab for chilled semen shipments during the summer months and will also ship chilled semen from stallions while they are at the lab for semen freezing. Please inquire as to stall availability if you would like us to provide this service for your stallion. All semen shipped in chilled shipments from Roanoke A.I. is evaluated for concentration and motility before packaging. Shipments contain 1 billon progressively motile sperm cells in each insemination dose.

Please contact the laboratory during regular business hours, 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, for chilled semen shipments. Shipments will be made Monday through Friday. If semen is needed on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, it should be ordered on Thursday for Friday shipment to arrive on Saturday. FedEx Saturday delivery is not available in all areas. Please call the lab the day before you will need semen to be shipped or preferably, when your mare first begins to show heat, to place us on standby and help us schedule collections more efficiently. The cutoff time for ordering shipments for next day delivery is 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Federal Express Priority 1 delivery will be used for all shipments. A prepaid, FedEx Stamp will be included with the shipment to return the Equitainer. Mare owners not wishing to use a Visa or Mastercard will need to send a $500.00 certified check or money order (no personal checks) in time to arrive at the lab before the shipment is made. All charges will be deducted from this deposit and the balance will be refunded when the Equitainer is received back at the lab. Mare owners are responsible for Equitainers and will be billed for any missing parts or for loss. Equitainers must be returned by Federal Express using the prepaid airbill enclosed with the shipment. A $10.00 per day rental fee will be charged to the mare owner for Equitainers not shipped back to the lab within 2 days of the shipping date. Call Federal Express at 1-800-238-5355 to have the Equitainer picked up and returned, or it can be dropped off at a FedEx depot for return.

Semen collection, extender, packaging, equitainer rental $175.00
Round trip shipping charges billed at current FedEx rates           
(Rates vary depending on distance from lab)
FedEx Saturday delivery 12.50
FedEx address correction 12.50
Per day charge for Equitainers not shipped back within 2 days of shipping date 10.00
Certified Check, Money Order, or wire transfer deposit required
for clients not using a Visa or Mastercard (no personal checks)

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