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Frozen Stallion Semen Shipments
Basic Information
 The following information must be on file before we can ship semen:
  1. The stallion owner must call us with authorization to ship semen.

  2. The mare owner must call us with the following information:

    • Their name, address, and phone number
    • The mare's name, breed, and registration number
    • We accept only Visa or Mastercard for payment and will need the following information from the actual cardholder:
      • The credit card number
      • The card expiration date
      • The last three security verification digits on the signature line from the back of the card
      • The cardholder's name as it appears on the card
      • The address and zip code where the credit card statement is received by the cardholder
      • Mare owners not wishing to use a credit card for payment will need to send an $800.00 deposit (money order, certified check, or wire transfer) in advance for the tank rental, shipping charges, and breeding supplies. Charges will be deducted from the deposit and a check for the balance will be mailed to the mare owner after the shipper tank has been returned to the lab.
  3. The veterinarian must call us to verify:

    • Thawing instructions and supplies needed
    • Name, shipping address, and phone number
    • The shipping date

Frozen stallion semen is shipped by Federal Express Priority 1 Next Day delivery to your veterinarian's office or to your barn. The mare owner is responsible for shipping charges, tank rental charges, insurance on the tank, and the cost of any breeding supplies ordered by the inseminator. For same day shipping, the stallion owner, the veterinarian, and the mare owner must call before 1:00pm Eastern time. Since FedEx does not guarantee the orientation of a package while in their possession and may leave a shipper tank on its side or upside down over a weekend, we do not ship semen on Friday or Saturday for Monday delivery unless the mare owner understands and accepts responsibility for the possible loss of the semen under these conditions. Laboratory business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday Eastern time. Our shipping season is from March 1st to August 30th. If shipments are needed before or after these dates, please contact us well in advance.

We will need a Visa or Mastercard with cardholder name, number, expiration date, security verification code from the back of the card, and the address and zip code where the cardholder receives their credit card statement to bill charges for shipping, tank rental, and breeding supplies. The actual cardholder will need to provide the above information and authorize the use of their card. Please be certain the credit card account being used is in good standing. We will not ship if the charges are declined. Mare owners not wishing to use a Visa or Mastercard will need to send an $800.00 deposit to the lab before shipment is made. We accept money orders, certified checks, or wire transfers for the deposit. We do not accept personal checks.

Tank Return
Return tanks by Federal Express Monday through Friday using the prepaid, pre addressed airbill enclosed with the shipment. There is an extra $12.50 charge if tanks are picked up for return on Saturday. Tanks must be received back at the lab within 10 days from the shipping date to avoid a $5.00/day additional rental charge. Please make sure all cardboard packaging is returned in the shipping box with the tank. There is a $45.00 replacement charge if the outer cardboard protective carton is not returned with the tank. Breeding supplies, if requested, are shipped with the semen and become the property of the mare owner after use. The mare owner is responsible for missing parts or damage to the tank whether in their possession or the veterinarian's. If the tank is shipped to your veterinarian, please make sure they understand these instructions.

Tank Rental and Shipping Charges
Tank rental, 1 to 10 days including transit time $150.00
Round trip shipping charges billed at current FedEx rates           
     (Rates vary depending on distance from lab)
FedEx Saturday pickup or delivery 15.00
FedEx address correction 15.00
Tank rental after 10 days, per day 5.00


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