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Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Shipper Tanks

  1. It is advisable to locate a source of liquid nitrogen before ordering the frozen semen
  2. Check the tank immediately for adequate liquid nitrogen by following the instructions below:
    • Open the box carefully by cutting only the tape across the top
    • Lift the tank out of the box
    • Weigh the tank to determine if immediate recharging is necessary
    • Recharge the tank if it weighs 7 lbs or less
    • Return the tank to the shipping box
  3. DO NOT remove the tank from its box except for weighing or recharging
  4. Save All cardboard packaging to protect the tank during the return shipment
  5. Store the tank in its box in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight
  6. To open the tank, pull straight up on the neck cork; DO NOT twist or damage will result.
  7. DO NOT remove the plastic cap or evacuation plug on the bottom of the tank !
  8. Return the tank to the lab as soon as your mare is bred or the semen is transferred to another storage tank

Roanoke A.I. Labs is currently using an MVE SC2/1V vapor shipper to ship semen (see specifications below). This tank has a capacity of 88 semen straws (½cc), shipped loose in a half height canister. Half height canisters have the advantage of not requiring canes and goblets, making straw retrieval easier. It is a "vapor phase nitrogen shipper" and is classified by DOT as "Non-Hazardous Material". This tank is filled with an absorbent material into which the liquid nitrogen is soaked to prevent it from spilling if the tank is tipped over during shipment. Tanks are filled completely before shipping and will store the semen safely for 8 days if unopened and if the tank is shipped in an upright position. However, the holding time may be decreased by as much as 70% for a tank shipped on its side, or by 90% if the tank is shipped upside down. Semen shipped overnight in a vapor shipper will arrive at a safe storage temperature regardless of the orientation of the tank during shipping, but the tank may need recharging with liquid nitrogen when it is delivered to you. Weighing is the only way to determine the amount of nitrogen in a vapor shipper. The SC2/1V tank should be recharged immediately if it weighs 7 lbs. or less when you receive it. Recharge the tank every 6-7 days thereafter if the semen is not transferred to a larger storage tank. Frequent opening of the tank will result in a shorter holding time.
(Click here for instructions on recharging or returning the tank)

Number of Canisters 1 1 1
Number of 1/2 cc straws (10/cane) - 280 120
Number of 1/2 cc straws (1 level bulk) 88 440 210
Liquid nitrogen capacity (liters) 1.5 3.6 4.3
Static evaporation rate (liters/day) 0.19 0.26 0.20
Static holding time (days) 8 14 21
Neck Opening (in/mm) 1.4/35 2.75/70 2/51
Overall height (in/mm) 13.5/343 18.4/468 19.4/492
Outside diameter (in/mm) 7.25/184 8.7/222 8.7/222
Canister height (in/mm) 5/127 11/278 11/278
Canister diameter (in/mm) 1.2/31 2.62/67 1.81/46
Weight empty (lbs/kg) 6/2.7 11/5 13/5.9
Weight full (lbs/kg) 8.8/4 18/8.1 20.6/9.3

  1. Local bull studs, Air Products, Linde, or a welding supply shop can refill the tank if it becomes necessary. Check under "GAS" in the yellow pages to locate a liquid nitrogen source.
  2. Remove the tank from shipping box before recharging and return it to the box after recharging.
  3. DO NOT remove the canister or semen from the tank when recharging. The nitrogen will not damage the semen. Recharging is performed by pouring a thin stream of liquid nitrogen into the top of the tank, like pouring coffee into a thermos bottle, until it is about 2 inches from the top. Wait several minutes for it to be absorbed and repeat this procedure 4 or 5 times until the absorbent becomes fully saturated and liquid nitrogen remains visible up to the top of the canister. The weight of the tank, including the top, is between 9¼ and 9½ pounds when fully charged. When replacing the neck plug, make sure the canister handle is aligned with the groove in the neck plug.
  4. DO NOT overfill and allow liquid nitrogen to run down the outside of the tank while recharging. DO NOT remove the plastic cap covering the evacuation port on the bottom of the tank or allow liquid nitrogen to come in contact with it or loss of vacuum and tank failure may occur. Handle the tank carefully while it is out of the box. The tank is a double wall vacuum vessel and rough handling can cause failure similar to breaking a thermos bottle.

  1. Return the tank as soon as possible by Federal Express using the prepaid FedEx Airbill enclosed with the shipment.
  2. For shipping purposes, this tank is classified as a "Vapor Phase Nitrogen Shipper" and is considered "Non-Hazardous Material" worldwide by DOT and Federal Express.
  3. Secure the tank cap with a twist tie. Please make sure all of the protective cardboard packaging is returned with the tank. Make sure to replace the top cardboard protective pad in the box to absorb any liquid nitrogen which leaks and to protect the tank during return shipment. There is a replacement charge for protective cardboard packaging not returned with the tank.
  4. Phone Federal Express Monday through Friday for pickup at (800) 238-5355. Saturday pickup is an additional $10.00 charge.
  5. Tank rental is covered for 10 days from the shipping date. Allow 2 working days after pickup for the tank to be delivered to us. There is a $5.00 per day rental charge for tanks not received back at the lab by day 10.

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